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Helium Data Credit Portal

The Data Credit Portal built by Sphere allows Network users to acquire Data Credits without directly holding cryptocurrency. The tool is designed to allocate Data Credits for Network users like LNS operators or mobile service providers. The tool provides a clear invoice to simplify accounting.

Access the Data Credit Portal at

Helium Data Credit Portal powered by Sphere.

This portal is currently available to the United States only.

If you are in another region and this is your only means of purchase, please email with the subject DC Portal Invoice for assistance.

Using the Data Credit Portal

For the sake of this example, we will send 100,000 DC ($1.00 USD) to OUI 1 with the memo “helium”.

As you type in the OUI number, you will notice a pop-up. OUI owners can see how many DC are available under their OUI. For instance, there are just over 850 million DC available under OUI 1 for the LoRaWAN network.

A preview is offered for each destination address.

Upon clicking “Continue”, you will be taken to this view, where you will interface with Link which is Stripe's crypto payment service. Hit “Continue” again.


If you have already completed Link KYC, you can skip to payment method. If you are new to Link, you will need to sign up.

First, fill in your email address.

Fill in your phone number to initiate Stripe's KYC (Know-Your-Customer) process.

Then, check your email for a six-digit code, and fill that in. You will then share the following personal information with Stripe for compliance.

The KYC process managed by Stripe requires this information.

Afterward, you will be taken to this screen. There's nothing you need to do here, press “Use this wallet”.

The suggested address in this view will be used to automatically create the Data Credits in your previously selected OUI.

Payment Method

Now that you've completed Stripe's KYC, add your payment method.

Confirm Purchase

Next, you'll be asked to verify your identity. Hit “Verify”

Hit “Complete on your mobile device”

Choose one of the four ways to begin verification. If you're quick with your camera app, scanning the QR code is fast and easy.

Finish the verification on your mobile device. You should see “Verification submitted.” Then you can return to your computer.

You should be able to see this page. When you are ready, hit “Pay.”

Letting the magic happen 🪄✨

You will be notified when the transaction is complete. The transaction can be verified by clicking on the Explorer link.


With the completion of a successful transaction, an invoice is promptly emailed to the account that was used for the transaction.

A receipt will be emailed to the account responsible for the transaction.

The Data Credit portal provides a simple interface to pre-populate fields within the tool. Use URL parameters to pre-fill fields on the Data Credit Portal such as OUI and memo.

Supported Parameters

Transaction memo.memomemo=aX0fe8