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Helium Data Credit Portal

The Data Credit Portal built by Sphere allows Network users to acquire Data Credits without directly holding cryptocurrency. The tool is designed to allocate Data Credits for Network users like LNS operators or mobile service providers. The tool provides a clear invoice to simplify accounting.

Access the Data Credit Portal at

Helium Data Credit Portal powered by Sphere.

There may be select countries where access to this tool is unavailable.

If access appears to be restricted in your region, please email for assistance.

Using the Data Credit Portal

For the sake of this example, we will send 1,000,000 DC ($10.00 USD) to OUI 1 with the memo "test".

As you type in the OUI number, you will notice a pop-up. OUI owners can see how many DC are available under their OUI. For instance, there are just over 180 million DC available under OUI 1 for the LoRaWAN network. An email address can also be specified in order to receive the purchase receipt.

A preview is offered for each destination address.

Upon clicking “Continue”, you will be taken to Sphere's crypto payment interface. Hit "Pay" when you have filled in your payment information.

Confirm Purchase

While Sphere is performing the underlying transactions for you, you will see this loading screen. Do not refresh or exit the page.

You will be notified when the transaction is complete. The transaction can be verified by clicking on the Explorer link.


With the completion of a successful transaction, an invoice is promptly emailed to the account that was used for the transaction.

A receipt will be emailed to the account responsible for the transaction.

Click on the link to explore the transaction details. Scroll down to the transaction titled "Delegate Data Credits V 0". As you can see, 970,000 DC was delegated to the OUI's escrow account because there is a 3% transaction fee when you purchase DC through Sphere's Data Credit portal.

The transaction detail that delegates DC towards your OUI escrow account.

The Data Credit portal provides a simple interface to pre-populate fields within the tool. Use URL parameters to pre-fill fields on the Data Credit Portal such as OUI and memo.

Supported Parameters

Transaction memo.memomemo=aX0fe8