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Helium Wallet App

The Helium Wallet app is the new trusted way to manage your tokens and identity on the Helium Blockchain. This new Wallet App is not meant to manage Hotspots or Validators.

All Hotspot Management (diagnostics, asserting location, adding Hotspots, etc) should be done via the Maker Apps available from the manufacturer.

Wallets and Accounts

Importing An Existing Wallet

If you have an existing Helium wallet, either one created from the original Helium app or using CLI, you can import it into the Wallet app.

Account TypeAction
12-word walletTap the 12 Word button and enter in the 12-word seed phrase, in the original order.
24-word walletTap the 24 Word button and enter in the 24-word seed phrase, in the original order.
LedgerTap the Ledger option and follow the in-app prompts to pair with the hardware wallet.

Creating A New Wallet

Wallets created with the Helium Wallet app are generated with a 24-word seed phrase. These 24 words in correct order are the only way to access the wallet, and can never be recovered if lost. They should never be shared, as whoever has them is considered the owner of all Tokens, Hotspots, or Validators. Anyone asking for them is guaranteed to be a scammer.

Taking and storing screenshots of the seed words is not recommended, as it is not a secure way to store them. Screenshots and photos stored or backed up in the cloud can easily be hacked and funds stolen.

Ledger Wallet

Import your Ledger account by pairing with it over Bluetooth. Payment and other transaction support will be coming soon.

Working With Multiple Wallets

You are able to create/import multiple wallets, each with their unique set of 12 or 24 words. You can move between wallets by swiping left/right on the wallet name at the top of the screen. When you tap on Settings, they will be for the selected wallet.

How Many Wallets?

There is a limit of 10 wallet accounts (testnet + mainnet combined) per install.

Send And Request Tokens

The Blue Send button allows you to choose the imported wallet you wish to send from, and choose a Contact you wish to send HNT to.

The Green Request button allows you to quickly generate a QR code for someone to scan (which provides your wallet address), or generate a link to share via email or text. You can also enter in the amount you are requesting, if it is a known quantity, and add a note.

Multiple Recipient Payment Support

Already available on the CLI wallet, multiple recipient payments are now supported on the Wallet app. This is most useful for those that need to wait for a payment transaction to clear and appear on the blockchain before sending the next payment.


You can create your own QR codes to scan, which can include an address/alias to send payment to.

The new payment type supported in the Helium Wallet app can have multiple payees which can also be included in a QR code.

You can also form a Burn transaction in QR Code format.


When HIPs (Helium Improvement Proposals) are being voted on, you can quickly and easily vote for or against any Active votes. Tapping on Closed Votes shows a historical record of past HIPs and how the vote was decided.

Helium Identity

Use the new Wallet app to connect to various dApps like Crowdspot and authenticate your identity on the Helium blockchain.

Transaction Filters

All TransactionsShows all interactions with the blockchain.
Mining RewardsShows the mining rewards the wallet has earned from any included Hotspot or Validator.
PaymentsLists all payments that were either sent or received.
Hotspots & ValidatorsLists the Hotspots/Validators associated with the wallet. Note that any interactions with the Hotspots, such as diagnostics and asserting location, etc, will need to be done from the Maker app. This list is for reference only as Hotspot actions are not available in this wallet app.
Burn TransactionsLists Token Burn Transactions. (i.e. Data Credits burned to vote on a HIP)
Pending TransactionsLists any transactions that have been submitted, but have not yet been validated/cleared on the blockchain.

Address Book And Contacts

This feature allows you to save names/nicknames and related HNT wallet addresses for those you may wish to send HNT to. Contacts are displayed in alphabetical order, and are searchable by name or wallet address. There is no limit to the number of Contacts you can have.

Tapping on a Contact displays the full HNT address as well as the Nickname field, which can be adjusted at any time.


Wallet Account Settings

Each Account imported to the Helium Wallet App has separate settings.

Account AliasYou can rename the wallet here for organization (does not affect your wallet address or HNT)
Default AccountWhen using multiple wallets, this toggle will determine which one is the default and will show first whenever the app is opened.
Reveal WordsWhile logged in, you can view your 12-word or 24-word seed phrase. These are required for login/logout of a wallet, and can never be recovered if lost. Lose these, lose the wallet and everything it contains.
Copy AddressCopies the wallet address to your devices clipboard
Share AddressProvides QR code so someone can scan your wallet address, and allows you to quick share it via email or text.
Sign Outlogs you out of the current wallet. The original 12-word or 24-word seed phrase is required, to ensure the words are safely backed up since they can not be recovered.

Security Settings

These Settings keep the Helium Wallet App secure.

Enable PINSet up a PIN code for accessing the wallet from the device
Require PINSet time limit for for when PIN is required to log back in (Immediately, 1min, 5min, 15min, 1hr, 4hrs)
Reset PINChange the current PIN to a new one (original PIN is required to update this)
Require PIN for PaymentsThis additional security option requires the PIN to be entered before any HNT payment can be sent.

App Settings

The Helium Wallet App has interface settings that can be adjusted to your liking.

LanguageChange which language the app text will be displayed.
CurrencyChange which currency the app displays the market equivalent to the HNT
Convert to CurrencyShows selected currency (at market rate) instead of HNT
App VersionNotes the version of the app that is installed

Developer Settings

Developer settings should be used intentionally. If you are not a Developer, or not sure what these settings do, it is best to leave them off by default.

Enable TestnetTestnet is typically for developers. It allows you to create a test account and get TNT (which holds zero monetary value), which can be used to test apps and transactions without burning real HNT. When toggled on, you create a testnet specific account.