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Helium Wallet App

The Helium Wallet app is the trusted way to manage your Helium account.
Some notable features:

  • Multiple account support (maximum of 10)
  • Ledger balance
  • Address book
  • Verify your Helium identity
  • Lock-up tokens for voting power and rewards
  • Multiple recipient payment support
  • Claim tokens from Hotspots to your account
  • Claim rewards for locked-up tokens to your account
  • Transfer NFTs representing Hotspot ownership
  • Swap HNT into DC
  • Swap MOBILE and IOT Tokens into HNT
  • Update the location of a Hotspot
  • Update the antenna of a Hotspot
  • Onboard Hotspots
  • Vote on HIPs on the Helium Vote website

Hotspot management should be done via the Maker App available from the manufacturer.
See Hotspot manufacturer apps for features such as:

  • Hotspot diagnostics
  • Onboarding Hotspots
  • Hotspot settings such as Wi-Fi credentials


Creating A New Account

Accounts created with the Helium Wallet app are generated with a 24-word seed phrase. These 24 words in the correct order are the only way to access the account and can never be recovered if lost. Whomever has the 24-word seed phrase controls the wallet, meaning that they are considered the owner of all tokens, Hotspots, or NFTs in the account.

Importing An Existing Account

If you have an existing Helium account you can import it into the Helium Wallet app.

Account TypeAction
12-word seed phraseTap the 12 Word button and enter the 12-word seed phrase, in the original order.
24-word seed phraseTap the 24 Word button and enter the 24-word seed phrase, in the original order.
LedgerTap the Ledger option and follow the in-app prompts to pair with the hardware wallet.

Working With Multiple Accounts

The Helium Wallet App supports creating or importing up to 10 accounts, each with its own unique set of 12 or 24 words. Navigate between accounts by pressing on the account name at the top of the screen. An account selector allows toggling between different onboarded accounts. The settings screen will apply to the selected account.

Tokens Supported

The Helium Wallet will display the token balances and fiat value in your account for:

HNT - in USD or your defined currency
MOBILE - in USD or your defined currency
IOT- in USD or your defined currency
DC - in USD (Not transferable)
SOL - in USD or your defined currency
USDC - in USD or your defined currency

No other tokens held in your account will be displayed in the Helium Wallet App.

Send And Request Tokens

The blue send button allows you to choose the account you wish to send from and choose one or more addresses or contacts you wish to send tokens to.

The green request button allows you to quickly generate a QR code of your account's public address for someone to scan or generate a link to share via email or text. You can also enter the amount you are requesting or add a note.

Helium Identity

Use the Helium Wallet App to connect to dApps and authenticate your identity on the Solana blockchain. Using the in-app browser, access dApps such as Jupiter Aggregator or lock-up your tokens and vote using Modular Governance.

Address Book And Contacts

This feature allows you to save names/nicknames and related account addresses for accounts you may wish to send tokens to. Contacts are displayed in alphabetical order and are searchable by name or account address. There is no limit to the number of contacts you can have.

Tapping on a contact displays the public address as well as the Nickname field, which can be adjusted at any time.


Wallet Account Settings

Each account imported to the Helium Wallet app has separate settings.

Account AliasGive your account a name to help separate it from other accounts managed in the Helium Wallet App.
Default AccountWhen using multiple accounts, this toggle will determine which one is the default and will show first whenever the Helium Wallet app is opened.
Copy AddressCopies the account address to your device's clipboard.
Share AddressProvides QR code so someone can scan your account's public address or allows you to quickly share it via email or text.
Remove WalletLogs you out of the current account. The original seed phrase is required to ensure the words are safely backed up since they cannot be recovered.

Hotspots Wallet Backup

If someone has your private key, they will have full control of your account. This includes the ability to remove tokens and Hotspots.
Do not enter these words into any untrusted website. Any person or website asking for these keys is likely a scammer.

Reveal WordsWhile logged in, you can view your 12-word or 24-word seed phrase. These are required for login/logout of an account and can never be recovered if lost. Lose these, lose the Wallet and everything it contains. Back them up in a secure place.
Reveal Private KeyThe private key of your account can be used to import the account into other Solana-compatible wallet apps such as Solflare, Phantom, Coinbase Wallet, or Backpack.

Security Settings

These settings keep the Helium Wallet app secure.

Enable PINSet up a PIN code for accessing the Wallet from the device.
Require PINSet time limit when PIN is required to log back in (Immediately, 1min, 5min, 15min, 1hr, 4hrs).
Reset PINChange the current PIN to a new one (the original PIN is required).
Require PIN for PaymentsThis additional security option requires the PIN to be entered before any payment can be sent.

App Settings

The Helium Wallet app has interface settings that can be adjusted to your liking.

LanguageChange which language the app text will be displayed in.
CurrencyChange which currency the app displays the market equivalent of token balances.

Developer Settings

Developer settings should be used intentionally. If you are not a developer or are not sure what these settings do, it is best to leave them unchanged.

Solana ClusterOffers the ability to operate outside of Solana Mainnet. Devnet is typically for testing or demo purposes. Your account will operate on the selected network Solana Devnet. Hotspots or Token balances are not replicated across clusters. The in-app faucet can be used to fund devnet accounts.

Examine Hotspots

You can now examine your Hotspots by clicking the Collectables Tab.

12-Word And 24-Word Seed Phrases

When a Helium account is created with the Helium Wallet app, a 24-word "Seed Phrase" is generated.

Users who created their Helium account using the Helium Hotspot app will have a 12-word seed phrase. While the Helium Wallet app accepts 12-word seed phrases, all new Helium Wallets are created with 24-word seed phrases.

Read more about Helium Wallet Seed Phrase.

Before Deleting Helium Wallet Apps

Do not uninstall the Helium Wallet app without first writing down the seed phrase.