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IOT Mapper Quickstart

Mapping Devices

There are a wide variety of ways to get involved depending on your level of comfort with arduino-type devices. A few common devices are listed below, but in no way is this list exhaustive.

Fully Preconfigured

Fully managed mapping devices are ready-to-use as soon as they arrive. These are pre-configured and enrolled by the seller, and not your own Helium Console. The Data Credits are provided by the seller, and the devices have pre-selected back-end Integrations that are not user-configurable. Generally, these devices are the most easy and accessible, requiring just power to start mapping.

Plug & Play

Console-ready device that you onboard to spend your own Data Credits.

DIY Mappers

Flash your own code, add the device to your Helium Console, and spend your own Data Credits. Setting up a mapper from your own dev board is a great way to learn about LoRaWAN devices on the Helium Network.

Device comparisons

Which hardware platform to select for DIY? Two common and inexpensive platforms are the CubeCell GPS-6502 and LilyGo TTGO T-Beam v1.1. Here are some approximate comparisons:

CubeCell GPS-6502TTGO T-Beam
Cost (USD)$25.90 (Heltec)$30.80 LILYGO
SizeSmaller2x Longer
BatteryAdd ~1000mA LiPo plug-in18650 LiIon cell holder
Power SwitchNonePower Button / PMU
Battery ChargerHardware USB chargerPMU programmable charger
GPSAir530ZuBlox Neo-6M
Operating CurrentTBD110mA
ConnectormicroUSB sidemicroUSB bottom
Buttons2: Menu, Reset3: Power/Menu, Select, Reset
GPS Antennaon-board ceramic + IPEX external connectorIncluded active antenna on IPEX
LoRa AntennaWire-coil IPEX antennaSMA with included stubby or 10cm antenna
Display0.96" OLED, installed0.96" OLED, DIY Solder 4-pin
LEDsGreen GPS Fix, RGB LED, Red ChargingRed GPS Fix, Blue & Red programmable
ProcessorASR6502 / Cypress PSoC 4000ESP32
LoRa RadioSX1262SX1278/76
Open Sourcepartsyes
WiFi & Bluetoothnoyes