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Mappers API


The Mappers API is a set of HTTP requests used for submitting data to the Mappers project. Data submitted is viewable on and updated in real time.


There is currently no authentication required.

Post-Console Migration Note

Certain parameters are implicitly included from the legacy Console payload. The Mappers platform requires updates to accommodate payloads from other LNSs like ChirpStack.

Submit geo tagged device uplink.

Content-Type: application/json

Requests are intended to be sent from an HTTP integration within Console. Metadata from the standard JSON message is used in addition to the required fields detailed below.

All required fields are case sensitive and must be in the top level of the decoded payload section as shown below:

"decoded": {
"payload" : {
"accuracy": 2,
"altitude": 2,
"latitude": 38.811706,
"longitude": -121.607035

All of the following fields are required latitude, longitude, altitude , accuracy.

Body Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionExpected UnitExample
latitudefloatDevice Latitude ValueDecimal Degrees 37.79518664339426
longitudefloatDevice Longitude ValueDecimal Degrees-122.39384483747301
altitudeintDevice Altitude ValueMeters10
accuracyfloatDevice GPS Accuracy ValueMeters2.3