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Helium Is Moving To Solana

As part of the Helium blockchain migration to Solana, there are some changes to existing Helium Wallets and applications for users to be aware of.

The Helium Network move to the Solana blockchain will result in all Hotspots automatically becoming Solana NFTs which, along with the Helium tokens, can be viewed in the Helium Wallet app.

The original Helium app will be stripped of functionality in phases, with transactions being moved to the Helium Wallet app and Hotspot maintenance moving to Maker apps.

The sections below provide more information about the different Wallets and what can be expected as part of the blockchain migration.

Hotspots on Solana

  • Hotspots will move to the new Solana blockchain, specifically performing off-chain Proof-of-Coverage. More information on off-chain PoC can be found in HIP-70.
  • Makers will push a fleet-wide update to all their Hotspots that switches a Hotspot from receiving Challenges from Validators to automatically beaconing by themselves every 6 hours and sending results to an Off-Chain Oracle.
  • Makers must push this mandatory update to their fleet of Hotspots. Failure to do so will mean their customers cease to mine and stop earning rewards once the blockchain migration is complete.

Hotspots Will Earn IOT

Hotspot Owners will start earning IOT as the blockchain migration will launch the IOT subDAO. To view IOT earned by your Hotspot, use the Helium Wallet app. 5G Hotspot Owners will continue earning MOBILE and will additionally begin to earn IOT.

5G Hotspot Owners

Your 5G Hotspot will become an NFT, and your CBRS Radios will remain with a serial number, just like before the Solana transition.

Hotspots Become NFTs

All Helium Hotspots will be represented as NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Wallet migration is required to view your Hotspot NFT(s) in the Helium Wallet app.

Hotspot in the current Helium app.
Hotspots NFTs in the new Helium Wallet app.

Please note these images are for informational purposes only. Final design may change.

Sunsetting the Helium App

Some users may know "the Helium app" as the "Helium Hotspot App" or "the blue app."

Sunsetting Features

The existing Helium Hotspot app will be restricted to only the management of Original Helium Hotspots. Read more about this upcomging change on the Helium Hotspot App (is Being Depreciated) page.

Wallet Migration Guide

All Helium Wallets will need to be migrated to the Solana blockchain. What this means for each Helium Wallet type is explained below.

Download the Helium Wallet Apps

For Helium App Users

The Helium app will require a migration to the Helium Wallet app. Wallet migration is necessary to interact with your HNT, DC, MOBILE, IOT, and Hotspots on the Solana blockchain. You can find Hotspot NFTs in the NFT Collectibles section once Helium on Solana goes live. Token balances are visible on the account page. You can also create multiple accounts in the Helium Wallet app.

To start, ensure your Helium app is updated and that you have downloaded the latest Helium Wallet app.

Step 1. Open the Helium app (minimum v4.3.0)

Step 2 Tap Start Migration in the Wallet migration popup.

Step 3. Confirm the Wallet account you want to import.

Tap Export to Wallet App and the Helium Wallet app will automatically open and complete the Wallet migration.

Step 4. Now your HNT, DC, MOBILE, and Hotspots have successfully moved to the Helium Wallet App and are ready for the Solana migration, which will happen automatically in January 2023.

Your public Wallet address will change post-migration, but your private key and 12-word seed phrase will remain the same.

For Helium Wallet App Users

Some users may know the Helium Wallet app as the "New Wallet app" or "the black app."

To migrate to Solana, simply update your Helium Wallet app version to 2.0.0 or newer. That’s it!

If you have Hotspots in any account, they will appear as an NFT Collectable. All other tokens and their balances are automatically transferred to the Solana Blockchain under the same token name.

Your public Wallet address will change, but your private key and seed phrase (12 or 24 word) will remain the same.

For Ledger Wallet Users

Ledger users will need to update their Helium Ledger App to a version that's pending release. This upcoming version will use the Solana private key derivation path that moves all your tokens and balances over to Solana. You may need to uninstall any Solana Ledger Apps during the Wallet migration process.

Your public key will change on Solana but the private key will remain the same.

For CLI Wallet Users

The Helium CLI Wallet Will Be Depreciated

The CLI Wallet will be completely deprecated except for exporting private seed phrases and displaying public Solana addresses.

Check out the Solana Documentation for more information on Solana Command Line Wallets.

The CLI Wallet will have its feature set pared down as there are many other Solana-compatible CLI Wallets. The existing Helium CLI Wallet will be reduced to the following two functions:

  1. Export Seed Phrase or private key to import into a Solana CLI Wallet (or the Helium Wallet app)
  2. Display Solana Public Address (for a given set of private keys)

This means common payment transactions and staking should utilize Solana CLI Wallet or the Helium Wallet app.

12-Word And 24-Word Seed Phrases

When a Helium Wallet is created with the Helium Wallet app or Helium Hotspot App, a 12-word or 24-word "Seed Phrase" is generated.

Users who created their Helium Wallet using the Helium Hotspot App will have a 12-word seed phrase, while the Helium Wallet app accepts 12-word seed phrases, all new wallets are created with 24-word seed phrases.

Read more about Helium 12-word and 24-word here:


Transferring Hotspot ownership between 12-word and 24-word Wallets can only be done using the Wallet CLI