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FAQ - Solana Migration

Why Does My Account Have A Small Amount Of SOL?

Every migrated Wallet was seeded with a small amount, approximately 0.00139, of SOL for transactions, enough for roughly 100 transactions.

If a Wallet displays 1 SOL, the app may be on the devnet instead of the mainnet-beta view of the Wallet, be sure to switch to mainnet-beta in settings if it's not already.

If the Wallet still shows 1 SOL while mainnet-beta is selected, this display error may resolve by switching to devnet and back to mainnet-beta, or updating the app.

Where Can I See My Hotspot's Activity And Rewards?

Oracle Data is available to application developers such as Helium Geek and Hotspotty, which are building interfaces to monitor Hotspot activity and rewards.

What Is The IOT Token?

Instead of earning HNT, Hotspots will earn IOT rewards for their PoC and data transfer. IOT can be swapped for HNT in the Helium Wallet app or on an exchange. Find more info about IOT here.

How Do I Stake My Tokens?

Staking tokens uses Realms and can be done in the Helium Wallet app.

More instructions are available here.

How Can I Exchange Or See The Exchange Rate For My Tokens?

Here are 2 ways to do this:

  1. On the home screen in the Helium Wallet App, there is an orange button for swapping tokens using the Treasury.
  2. Using a DEX like Jupiter or Orca

Treasuries for each Network are very low right now. However, better rates for swapping tokens may be available using other services.

Why are there so few rewards transactions?

Rewards are distributed after each epoch, at approximately 1:30 AM UTC daily.

Hotspots receive rewards for all the activity within an epoch as one sum.

Is It Possible To Migrate A Wallet Without Having To Log Into The Helium Wallet App?

Yes, Wallets can be migrated directly within the Helium docs here

Enter an old Helium address into the entry box and click the "Seed Wallet" button, give it a few seconds, and the Wallet will be migrated over to Solana.

Why Am I Getting The {"Instructionerror":[0, {"Custom":1}]} Error When I Try To Stake?

This error occurs when a Wallet does not have enough SOL to proceed with a transaction. For example, a Wallet will need approximately 0.02 SOL to stake.

Use the HNT-SOL Swapping widget in the Helium docs to swap HNT for SOL as needed.

When Do I Get My First Rewards For Delegations?

Rewards for delegations are distributed in the epoch following the delegation.

For example, a delegation in epoch 10 will receive a rewards distribution at the end of epoch 11 and every following epoch in which the delegation is unchanged.

What Is The Difference Between The Cliff And Constant Locks?

You can find the explanation for the two in the Helium Docs:

How Can I Get The New Address To My Wallet?

Here are 2 ways you can get your new Helium address:

  1. In the Helium Wallet App, Settings > Copy Address > Solana.

  2. Using another service Foundation is providing, you can go to this URL, and it will return your new address.<HNT-Wallet-Address>

How Can I Fix Hotspots Missing On The Helium Wallet App?

If you are missing Hotspots in the Hotspots tab on the Helium Wallet, click the Filter button and select All and pull to refresh the page.

Why Does My Helium Wallet App Crash When I Open It?

The Helium Wallet App must be updated to version 2.0.8 or later.

If your device's App/Play Store is not showing an update button, check manually by clicking on the app inside the store to see more info, and the button should show "Update" instead of "Open".

If neither works, save your seed phrase, and reinstall the app.