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Rewards Oracles

This page has not been fully updated to represent the latest state of the Helium Network following the migration to Solana on April 18, 2023.

There are initially three Rewards Oracles, one for each subDAO (MOBILE and IOT) and one for HNT, which ingest the work of all of the above Oracles to determine the appropriate emissions for each subDAO.

Epochs will increase from around 30 blocks (or about 30 minutes) to 24 hours, with rewards issued every 24 hours by each Reward Oracle.

Lazy Distribution of Rewards

On the Solana L1, Rewards will now be "lazily distributed" to each Hotspot, meaning that instead of passively receiving tokens, Hotspot Owners will redeem them.

When a Hotspot Owner makes a redemption request, the Rewards Oracle will compute the difference between the lifetime and claimed token Rewards to determine the amount of unclaimed tokens per Hotspot. It will then pre-sign a transaction which the Hotspot Owner will submit to the blockchain. It is only at this point that Rewards will be registered on-chain and associated with the owning Helium Wallet.

IOT Rewards Oracle

The IOT Rewards Oracle combines the Verified PoC Receipts, the Verified IOT Data Transfer Receipts, and the veHNT backing the IOT Network and emits rewards to each Hotspot.

As a reminder, the Data Transfer Verifier and the PoC Verifier already do much of the heavy lifting by including the shares each Hotspot should receive.

MOBILE Rewards Oracle

The MOBILE Rewards Oracle combines the Verified MOBILE Receipts, the Verified MOBILE Data Transfer Receipts, and the veHNT backing the MOBILE Network and emits rewards to each Hotspot.

HNT Rewards Oracle

As defined in HIP-51, the HNT Rewards Oracle will issue HNT Reward emissions to each subnetworks treasury using each subnetworks Utility Score to determine which percentage of the total rewards each subnetwork is due.

The following comprise the subnetwork Utility Score:

  • subnetwork's DCs burned in USD
  • subnetwork's active device count and device activation fee
  • veHNT backing each subnetwork

DC burned, active device count, and veHNT staked are submitted to the chain through the proxy of Switchboard to facilitate this process and keep a record.

Device count is a fluctuating number based on recent PoC activity and is not readily available on-chain; a dedicated Oracle will submit device count to the blockchain via Switchboard.

Subnetwork to HNT Conversion

Each subnetwork is responsible for defining its Treasury Reserve Decentralized Network Token (DNT) Market Making Curve.

The curves for IOT and MOBILE can be found in their respective HIPs.

This is a "one-way" transaction to convert your subDNT into HNT, as you can not burn HNT for subDNT.

Other Notes

  • Initially, all of these Oracles will be run by the Helium Foundation, with the long-term goal that community members will also run them.
  • The buckets with raw PoC and Data Transfer receipts will be available for verification/security purposes.
  • During the transition to Solana, data transmission will be temporarily interrupted while Makers roll out the new gateway-rs image, which will tell Hotspots to communicate with the packet routers instead of LNS state channels.
  • To learn more about how staking and governance will change, refer to the documentation on Voting Power.