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Denylist Removal Submissions

To submit a Hotspot for removal from the Denylist, start by logging in with your Helium Wallet and clicking on the Submit Denylist Request button on the home page.

Log In with the Helium Wallet App

To associate a Helium Wallet address, click the Login menu bar item on the Crowdspot homepage and scan the QR code with your phone's camera or QR code scanner.

Once you have scanned the QR Code, the Helium Wallet app will open and prompt you to authenticate Crowdspot.

  1. Confirm Connection Start: Confirm that you do want to connect a Helium Wallet to Crowdspot.
  2. Choose Wallet: Choose the account you would like to use with Crowdspot, and tap Continue.
  3. Authenticate: Send a transaction to the Helium blockchain to complete login.
Confirm Connection Start
Choose Wallet

If you are already logged in, you will see a Profile Badge and a portion of the connected wallet address. The Profile badge will match in the Helium Wallet app and on Crowdspot.

Otherwise, if no account is logged in, no Profile Badge is visible, and the Login menu bar item is shown.

Submit a Removal Request


For security reasons, text and visual evidence will only be accessible to Denylist maintainers.

Although you cannot view this evidence when you click on a submission, we assure you that it can be seen and is being evaluated.

In an ideal world, Legitimate Hotspots are appropriately screened and not added to the Denylist. Still, when this does happen, Hotspot Owners can submit information and evidence to potentially have a Hotspot removed from the Denylist.

Submission Type

On the Submission form, select the Removal radio button under Submission Type.

Visual Evidence

Denylist Removal submissions can optionally include visual evidence, such as screenshots or other images, to support the removal claim. At this time, visual evidence can be submitted as a URL with a limit of 3 URLs per submission.

  • For multiple images, we recommend using a cloud image storage platform, such as Google Photos or Flickr. Upload your images and share a link to the folder here. Please ensure you enable the correct sharing settings, as links will be publicly available.
  • For a single image, we recommend using a free image-to-link converter and paste the URL in the text box.

Written Reasoning

Submitting a written description to support the Removal Request submission provides valuable insight for evaluation. A minimum of 150 characters is required.

Create the Submission

Once you have added all the required and optional information, click the Create Submission button.

Users can view submission’s ID number after they have successfully created a submission. This ID number will appear in the submission's confirmation message (ex: Submission #1234). Please note, that this number ID will only appear one time upon submitting, so please save it for future reference.

You can view the status of your submission on the Submissions page, linked in the Crowdspot menu bar.