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Burning HNT to Your Maker Wallet

This page has not been fully updated to represent the latest state of the Helium Network following the migration to Solana on April 18, 2023.

Any approved Hotspot Maker is responsible for supplying Data Credits (DCs) to the onboarding server for Hotspots they sell. They do this by burning HNT to their specific maker address.


A full list of approved maker wallet addresses can be seen via this API.

Maker Wallet Address Integration

As an approved Maker, you will supply the Helium Foundation with the onboarding details for all the Hotspots you manufacture and distribute. In turn, the Helium Foundation adds them to the onboarding server. When a Hotspot is onboarded by your end customer, the onboarding server knows to associate it with your Maker ID, and associated Maker Wallet address. If, when a Hotspot is onboarded, it's present in the onboarding server and you have ample Data Credits to pay the onboarding fees, the blockchain will add the Hotspot. And if you've integrated your Hotspot in the Hotspot App onboarding flow, the Wallet knows to use your approved Maker Wallet address. At this point, the Data Credits will be used for the transactions with your wallet address as the payer.

Hotspot Data Credit Fees

In order for any Hotspot to join the Helium Blockchain, its maker address must have sufficient Data Credits. A full list of Helium blockchain data credit fees can be found here. Hotspot Makers need to account for at least 5,135,000 total Data Credits per Hotspot. Specifically, for each Hotspot, a Maker must supply:

  • 4,000,000 Data Credits for the Add Hotspot transaction. This is a one-time fee.
  • 65,000 Data Credits for the transaction fee to execute the Add Hotspot transaction.
  • 1,000,000 Data Credits for the Assert Location transaction. Each Hotspot Maker is required to supply at least one *Assert Location for their Hotspots.
  • 70,000 Data Credits for the transaction fee to execute the Assert Location transaction.

As a Maker, if you only supply the one-time Add Hotspot fee and one Assert Location fee, you'll supply 5,135,000 total Data Credits per Hotspot. Add 1,070,000 Data Credits for each additional Assert Location fee you wish to supply.


If your wallet address does not have enough DCs to pay the required Hotspot transaction fees, these transactions will fail.

Maker Integration Test Wallet Address

During your testing, you can use the Maker Integration Test wallet address created by the Helium Foundation. This wallet does not contain any Data Credits so onboarding transactions will fail but it allows you to smoke test the onboarding steps.

Maker Integration Test Wallet Address:


Burning HNT to Supply Data Credits

Double-check any wallet address before executing any HNT burn.

Once you burn HNT to a specified wallet address, they are burned forever. The resulting DC are non-transferable.

The actual mechanism for burning HNT to DCs is via an on-chain burn transaction using the Helium Wallet app. Follow the instructions to download and install the Helium Wallet on your device. Once installed, you'll use the "Swap" interface to supply data credits to your specified Maker wallet, which should be specified as the Recipient wallet.


Do not send HNT into your Maker accounts. Doing so may result in lost funds. All Makers are required to pay for the onboarding fees for their customers.