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Console Hosting Providers

This space provides information about Console Hosting Providers available in the community. Note this is not an exhaustive list, and if you’d like to add your company feel free to make a pull request:


Links and information for these Console Hosting Providers is provided as is.

The Helium Foundation is not directly associated with any of the following vendors and makes no endorsements about the quality of their offering. For more details including pricing, please reach out to the given provider.

  • Helium IoT Eur - A Console Hosting Provider based in the EU. More information here.
  • Ubidots - Power your IoT and cloud applications with Ubidots. Sign up for beta here.
  • Foundation Console - For demo and educational purposes. Capped at 10 devices and a single Organization. Sign up here.
  • Nova Console - contact
  • BrDot Console - Console Hosting Provider based in Brazil. For more information contact