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Use the Helium IOT Network

Thousands of developers and companies rely on the Helium Network for connectivity. Ready to join them? Here's where to start.


Helium Discord is the best place to get real-time support from the community. And the #console and #sensor-dev channels are the two most relevant for developers using the Network.


Purchase and customize Helium-enabled devices or prototype and build your own.

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Helium Console

The Helium Console is a web-based device management tool that allows developers to register, authenticate, and manage their devices on the Helium network.

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Console Resources Console Quickstart Adding Devices Labels Integrations Console API Console Hosting Providers

Community Projects

We love seeing community projects that utilise the network in clever new ways.

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Agriculture Dashboards Environmental

Coverage Mapping

Mappers is a community-led effort to actively survey the signal intensity of the Helium Network, using configured-trackers.

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Intro to Coverage Mappers Mappers Quickstart Mappers API Adeunis Mapper