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Helium Security Tokens on Solana

This page has not been fully updated to represent the latest state of the Helium Network following the migration to Solana on April 18, 2023.

HST on Solana is implemented via a programmatic Fanout Wallet.

This technology ensures that when HNT is emitted for an epoch, the HST share of HNT emissions is subsequently distributed to HST holders. Further, a clockwork job runs at 12:30am UTC daily to ensure that epoch's HNT is distributed. This is entirely programmatic, meaning at no point does any party have custody of your HNT.

The architecture of the fanout wallet has a few important considerations:

  1. All HST tokens MUST be staked at the time of epoch completion in order to receive HNT for that epoch.
  2. HNT can be manually claimed at any time, regardless of whether the clockwork job runs. Solana blockchain going down will not affect this, though it may affect when an epoch ends. If clockwork misses a day, when it runs the next day you will receive HNT for all epochs missed.
  3. Staked HST tokens will appear in your Wallet as an NFT Named "Staked HST". DO NOT BURN THIS NFT OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR HST. You can freely transfer this NFT between Wallets. HNT will flow to the Wallet holding the receipt, and the Wallet holding the receipt is the only Wallet that can unstake to receive the HST.
  4. HST tokens must be unstaked in order to separate out tokens. Once unstaked, you can transfer freely, and the new Wallet(s) can re-stake then.

Knowing these considerations, if you wish to unstake your HST tokens, it is important that you restake them before the epoch ends at UTC midnight.

All HST tokens were pre-staked when your balance was moved to Solana during the migration. If you do not wish to move them, you do not need to do anything. HNT should be claimable in your Wallet daily at 12:30am UTC.

You can stake and unstake your HST below. This will prompt you with two transactions. The first will stake the HST. The second will set up a clockwork job for distributions with enough SOL to last 50 years. You can connect any Solana compatible Wallet following the Wallet Standard, including the Helium Wallet App.