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Blockchain Node Migration Guide

This page has not been fully updated to represent the latest state of the Helium Network following the migration to Solana on April 18, 2023.
Updated for Solana Mainnet

The description provided below has been updated to reflect Solana Mainnet.

Migrating wallet to Solana

As of version 1.1.88 users can migrate their blockchain-node wallet to a Solana Paper Compatible Wallet. Follow the below instructions to migrate your wallet on mainnet.

  1. Unlock wallet.
% http -b :4467 jsonrpc=2.0 id=1 method=wallet_unlock params:='{"address": "13cQ6QUDvebHAppdmLYu9KXJvNZS9voVQCn8XrMbBemiLJ3r8Z5", "password": "[snipped]"}'
  1. Export secret. This exports your secret to a solana.json file.
$ http -b :4467 jsonrpc=2.0 id=1 method=wallet_export_secret params:='{"address": "13cQ6QUDvebHAppdmLYu9KXJvNZS9voVQCn8XrMbBemiLJ3r8Z5", "path": "/var/data/13cQ6QUDvebHAppdmLYu9KXJvNZS9voVQCn8XrMbBemiLJ3r8Z5.solana.json"}'
  1. Get your Solana address.
$ http -b
"solanaAddress": "6ucMsEXv7KLW9V6dfGYAsx5PF4yy2hAB79nURwTuuzgN"
  1. Verify your Solana Public Key.
$ solana-keygen pubkey /var/data/13cQ6QUDvebHAppdmLYu9KXJvNZS9voVQCn8XrMbBemiLJ3r8Z5.solana.json
  1. Get the list of serialized transactions, which should be sent to Solana:
$ http -b

  1. Submit the transactions to Solana. You can see typescript code demonstrating how to use this here.

Alternatively, you can use the Migration Widget or command line utility for steps 5-6. Example command provided below for the command line utility:

$ env MIGRATION_SERVICE_URL= env SOLANA_URL=https:/ env SOLANA_WSS_URL=wss:// ./migration-tx-executor --wallet 6ucMsEXv7KLW9V6dfGYAsx5PF4yy2hAB79nURwTuuzgN
  1. Verify your token balance on devnet using a public explorer. Solana Explorer listed below.