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Blockchain Node Migration Guide

Migrating wallet to Solana

As of version 1.1.88 users can test the migration of their blockchain-node wallet to a Solana Paper Compatible Wallet. Follow the below instructions to migrate your wallet on testnet.

Note: Each wallet can only be migrated once.
Note: Testnet is using a snapshot from January 31st. Due to this testnet and mainnet balances may not match.

  1. Unlock wallet.
% http -b :4467 jsonrpc=2.0 id=1 method=wallet_unlock params:='{"address": "13cQ6QUDvebHAppdmLYu9KXJvNZS9voVQCn8XrMbBemiLJ3r8Z5", "password": "[snipped]"}'
  1. Export secret. This exports your secret to a solana.json file.
$ http -b :4467 jsonrpc=2.0 id=1 method=wallet_export_secret params:='{"address": "13cQ6QUDvebHAppdmLYu9KXJvNZS9voVQCn8XrMbBemiLJ3r8Z5", "path": "/var/data/13cQ6QUDvebHAppdmLYu9KXJvNZS9voVQCn8XrMbBemiLJ3r8Z5.solana.json"}'
  1. Get your Solana address.
$ http -b
"solanaAddress": "6ucMsEXv7KLW9V6dfGYAsx5PF4yy2hAB79nURwTuuzgN"
  1. Verify your Solana Public Key.
$ solana-keygen pubkey /var/data/13cQ6QUDvebHAppdmLYu9KXJvNZS9voVQCn8XrMbBemiLJ3r8Z5.solana.json
  1. Verify your token balance on devnet using a public explorer. Solana Explorer listed below.$SOLANA_ADDRESS?cluster=devnet