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Maker Apps

This page has not been fully updated to represent the latest state of the Helium Network following the migration to Solana on April 18, 2023.

This document describes what Maker apps requirements are and how users interact with Maker apps on the Helium Network.

For more information, read our blog post announcing this change.

SDKs and Starter Apps

To assist Makers in developing their apps, an SDK and supporting libraries are available. An example starter app is also open-sourced for forking and further customization.

React Native SDK

The Helium React Native SDK is a collection of modules that can be used by a React Native application to interact with Hotspots and the Helium Blockchain. It has first class support for Typescript.

Read the full documentation

Maker Starter App

The Maker Starter App includes support for deeplinking to the Helium Wallet App to sign transactions, removing any requirements for users to enter their 12 or 24 word seed phrase into the Maker App. This is a security precaution and prevents potential lost of funds and Hotspots, as the seed phrase acts as a user's private key on the blockchain. If you find a Maker app that asks for your seed phrase, do not trust it.


The following features are supported in the Maker Starter App:

  • Add a Hotspot
  • Set a Location (including gain and elevation)
  • Transfer a Hotspot (optional), Function is now available by transfering an NFT in the Helium Wallet
  • Settings with PIN Code and language selection
  • Deeplinking to Helium Wallet to sign transactions

Maker Apps can also include extra enhancements such as Proof-of-Coverage analysis, earnings tools, and more.

Alternatives to Maker Apps

We recommend using the Maker App listed below for your Hotspot, as it can have additional management and diagnostic capabilities. Continued use encourages Makers to continue developing it further.

Helium application tools company Hotspotty has released a non-maker-specific App "Hotspotty Connect" that can help with essential onboarding, location asserting, and height or antenna updates where a Maker App may not be available or has a support issue. Select the Maker name in the Hotspotty App to check if they support your vendor at the current time.

This app requires connection to the Helium Wallet App and HNT funds in the Maker Wallet or your Wallet to perform onboarding, location asserts, antenna, or height updates.

When there is a need to change a Hotspot's Wifi connection without needing to connect to a Wallet, the unofficial Helium Hotspot Utility from Kent Williams is available.