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Working Groups

Working Groups

The People's Network continues to see innovation fueled by community engagement and strong feedback loops. Working Groups are small circles of highly engaged members of the community dedicated to understanding specific aspects of the Helium Network, identifying challenges and opportunities, and advocating a path forward to the larger community based on thoughtful consideration.

The Helium Community often establishes Working Groups based on several high-level needs:

  1. Research & Development
  2. Stewardship & Guidance

Working Groups self-organize and sunset as needed. They are volunteer-based.

You can find more information below about all active working groups.

IoT Working Group

The IoT Working Group was created to develop guidance on improvements to the IoT Network. The Working Group is made up of volunteers and stewarded by the Helium Foundation. The IoT Network is Helium's original and largest subnetwork. During its long history, it has been governed by some of the most important Helium Improvement Proposals (HIPs) ever published (HIP 10, HIP 15, HIP 17, HIP 19, etc). Its continued success depends on the Working Group's ability to incentivize LoRaWAN Hotspot deployments in a manner that encourages network growth and useful coverage.

The Group consists of Community members that are self-nominated and voted in by the Community. Future membership is open and membership can be obtained by contributing to the weekly open sessions on Discord. Members meet for 1 hour every Monday at GMT 8PM to work on HIPs.

You can find the IoT Working Group Charter here.

Mobile Working Group

The Mobile Working Group was created to develop guidance on improvements to the 5G-CBRS PoC algorithm and has expanded its scope to cover all aspects of the Mobile Network.

The goal of the Mobile Working Group is to work collaboratively on the HIPs, strategies, and policies that improve and advance the Mobile subnetwork to ultimately drive incentives for creating coverage, quality installations, and elegant tokenomics.

The Group consists of 5-10 Community members that are self-nominated and voted in by the Community for six-month terms. Members will meet for 1 hour each week to work on the HIPs.

You can find the Mobile Working Group Charter here.

Past Working Groups

Working Groups are an effective way of creating alignment and advancement on short-term needs. See the list below for some of the Working Groups that have helped shape the development of the network over time:

  1. Readiness Working Group
  2. LoRaWAN Working Group
  3. 5G
  4. Anti-Gaming
  5. Bridges
  6. Municipal
  7. ETL
  8. Mobile Apps
  9. Hardware Security

Fishbowl Channels

Everyone is welcome to stay up to date on Working Group progress by following along in the fishbowl channels in Discord. You can find these channels under the Category, "Governance".