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This page has not been fully updated to represent the latest state of the Helium Network following the migration to Solana on April 18, 2023.

To approve or deny changes to the blockchain, economics, or governance of the Helium Network; The Helium Network leverages on-chain voting which is open to the entire community. This on-chain voting is facilitated through the website Realms.

How to Vote on Realms

Like many other Solana Ecosystem projects, Helium uses Realms to organize and manage governance, vote escrowed tokens, delegation, and more. Using the links below, you can cast your vote for the subnetwork of which you seek to impact and contribute to.

Ensure that you have a Solana-ready wallet that is funded with some SOL and one of the network tokes: HNT, IOT, or MOBILE.

The Helium DAO in Realms with an active test vote. Shown on desktop and mobile.

Signing Into Realms

Use your account that holds your veHNT positions to sign in to Realms. The same account can be used for all platforms, but it must have veTokens for the specific DAO or subnetwork hosting the vote.

The links for the Realms governance portals are:

Sign in to these using the in-app browser from the Helium Wallet App.

This user is logged in with their 4qPt5... account.

Casting Your Vote

After you have reviewed the proposal, casting your vote is as easy as issuing a Solana transaction for "Yes" or "No".

Note: You will need a bit of Sol to cast your veTokens for a vote.

After voting, you can leave a comment supporting your stance.

Understanding Vote Power

When you vote your veTokens, all positions will be attributed to your vote choice. Token positions cannot be split within one vote on a single account.

Your vote is calculated at the time your vote is submitted. If your position is in 'decay' mode, voting sooner means you apply greater voting power. Conversely, if a position is extended to added to, a vote can be relinquished and re-voted to apply the new voting power.

A vote can be changed by first relinquishing it.