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The Helium Community is home to hundreds of developers and network operators collaborating to build global decentralized wireless networks.

The Helium Improvement Proposal ("HIP") is the core unit of change.


Anyone is welcome and encouraged to write a HIP and shape the future of decentralized wireless.

Helium Improvement Proposals

The Helium Community uses a governance mechanism called Helium Improvement Proposal, known as a "HIP," modeled on "BIP"s from the Bitcoin community and influenced by open-source development practices.

The HIP process introduces, debates, and approves/rejects new changes to core fundamentals of the Network, for example, the core blockchain, HNT, IOT, or MOBILE token economics, and Network governance itself.

Learn more about HIPs here.


The Helium Community utilizes network-wide token voting for governance.

All token holders are eligible to vote! To participate in making changes to the Helium Network, token holders should stake their tokens in Realms.


Realms is a Solana native tool for DAO infrastructure. As part of the migration to the Solana Blockchain, the Helium Community adopted Realms as the tool for staking, delegating, and on-chain voting. This tool replaces Helium Vote.

Read this page to learn how to navigate Realms.

Join the DAOs on Realms.

Be In The Know

Community Calls

The Helium Community holds monthly video calls (led by the Helium Foundation). These typically happen on the 4th Wednesday of each month at Noon ET. Each call has an open agenda, and any community member can join and add items to the agenda to be discussed.


The Helium Discord is the primary communication channel for the Helium Community. Here you'll find real-time, in-depth discussion on all parts of the Helium Network. It is also the primary venue to get support for using the Network.

All HIP and Governance discussions take place on the Helium Discord.

Socials + Ecosystem Voices

As a network steward, the Helium Foundation posts important governance news, calls to vote, and more on Twitter. Follow @HeliumFndn on Twitter to stay up to date.

As a decentralized network, numerous voices discuss governance, host debates, and explain HIPs in layman's terms. You can find many of these influential voices in Discord, on Twitter, or on YouTube.

If you'd like to have your name or channels listed and linked here as a governance resource, submit a ticket in the Helium Docs Repo.