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Docker Run Supports Region Change

· 2 min read

For those of your running a Miner image for Docker, there has been a change as of miner-XXX64_2020.07.02.0_GA to make regional support easier to configure.

Previously, regional configuration required changes to the sys.config file, but now it can be done by environmental variable, making it much easier to maintain or remove the override. The previous workaround no longer works.

When using the docker run command, you will want to now use the --env option to set REGION_OVERRIDE to the appropriate region, which would be one of the following:

US915 | EU868 | EU433 | CN470 | CN779 | AU915 | AS923 | KR920 | IN865

For example, --env REGION_OVERRIDE=US915 tells your miner that you are connecting to a packet forwarder configured for the US915 region.

Simply updating the docker image will reset the sys.config to a working default and if you were using the previous sys.config copying workaround, please do not do so unless you have other reasons to.

Keep in mind as we work towards allowing the adding and assertion of third-party gateways on the Helium blockchain, this override will no longer be necessary for location-asserted miners and that fully synced as the miner will derive the region from the blockchain.

These changes have also been documented here.