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This page has not been fully updated to represent the latest state of the Helium Network following the migration to Solana on April 18, 2023.

enginko MCF-LWWS02 LoRaWAN Basic Weather Station

MCF-LWWS02 LoRaWAN Basic Weather Station

The MCF-LWWS02 LoRaWAN Basic Weather Station is a complete Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Weather Station that integrates a LoRaWAN communication system (MCF-LW06DAV or MCF-LW06DAVP). The station, rugged and flexible, is equipped with a wide range of sensors and it offers reliable weather data under the most demanding circumstances.



LoRaWAN device type:

  • Class A end-device


  • indoor temperature
  • outdoor temperature
  • relative humidity
  • barometric pressure
  • dew point
  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • rainfall
  • UV (optional)


Sensor Suite (ISS) with Standard Radiation Shield:

  • width: 239 mm
  • length: 356 mm
  • height: 368 mm

Console with antenna:

  • width: 156 mm
  • length: 270 mm
  • height: 41 mm

Battery Sensor Suite:

  • primary power: solar power - Davis solar charger
  • backup power: 1x CR123A (lithium) / 3 V / 1500 mAh (8 months without sunlight)


  • This version includes a pole kit.
  • Sensor suite dimensions do not include the anemometer or bird spikes.