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Air Quality Monitor

Air Quality Monitor

The IoTsens Air Quality monitor consists of a set of environmental sensors capable of collecting different variables to evaluate the conditions of the air that surrounds it. This device measures the concentration of CO, SO2, NO2, O3, NO, H2S, CO2, the particles suspended in the air (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10) and TVOC. In addition, it also records environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. The use of this device is recommended for the evaluation of air conditions, being able to monitor the levels of contamination to make the appropriate decisions.



LoRaWAN device type:

  • Class A end-device


Availability depends on indoor/outdoor and standard/advanced options:

  • CO
  • SO2
  • NO2
  • NO
  • O3
  • H2S
  • CO2
  • TVOC
  • PM1
  • PM2.5
  • PM10
  • temperature
  • humidity


  • width: 120 mm
  • length: 200 mm
  • height: 60 mm


  • 610 grams

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