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Find A LoRaWAN Network Server Provider

Professional hosting companies can provide support and immediate access to a ready-to-go connectivity platform. LNS Services will vary in price, support, and features depending on the company. Companies may offer public shared servers, and/or private servers.

The following providers within the OpenLNS initiative offer multi-tenant and private instances to businesses and individuals.

CompanyService RegionServers Shared/PrivatePublic Server LocationPricing Model
1663 ConsoleGlobalShared & Private by requestEurope and USACustom plans offering unlimited data, significant long-term discounts, and access to additional professional services.
BrDotAmericasShared & Private by requestBrazilFixed monthly for active devices plus message plan for public & private service.
ChirpCloud by TrackpacGlobalShared SaaS, Private SaaS & On-PremiseEuropePer-device monthly infrastructure subscription + DC usage. Custom for Private SaaS & On-Premise.
Heliotics & UPLINK NetworkGlobalShared SaaS, Private SaaS & On-PremiseEuropeProfessional solutions for Private SaaS & On-Premise. Operated on own infrastructure, backed by a dedicated NOC
Helium IoT Europe (by Ingenious Things)GlobalShared & Private by requestEuropePay-per-message for public or pay-per-month for private and additional support.
IoT CreatorsGlobalSharedEuropePer-device monthly
IoT LoRaWANUSA, AmericasPublicly AccessibleUSAPay-per-message or contact us for other options.
MeteoScientificUSAPublicly AccessibleEuropePay-per-message for public use, otherwise use Helium IoT Europe above
Nebra SenseGlobalShared & Private by requestEurope and USAPer-device monthly subscription cost, custom for private servers.
QnectdGlobalShared & Private by requestEastern EuropePer-device monthly subscription cost, custom for private servers.
SkyNet IoTGlobalShared & Private by requestEurope and USAYearly subscription cost fixed bundles, custom for private servers.

The Helium Foundation is not directly associated with the listed vendors and makes no endorsements about the quality of their offerings.

If you offer public LNS services and would like to add your company to this list, use the "Edit this Page" link at the bottom of this page and make a pull request and include information for each listed field.