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App Version 3.9.0

· 2 min read


Updated Witnessed List

Witnessed Lists in both the App and Explorer reflects the list of Hotspots that your Hotspot has seen beacon. This is an improved change from displaying a list of Hotspots that has witnessed your Hotspot as the new list directly correlates with mining rewards.

Typically, the more Hotspots in your witnessed list, the more likely you'll have higher mining rewards. This is heavily influenced by the transmit scale of the Hotspots you witness.

In the App, for any Hotspot, tap on Hotspots Witnessed and you'll find the average transmit scale of all Hotspots in that list. The higher the transmit scale, the higher the rewards. This is why it's important to optimize your antenna placement so it can witness Hotspots in lesser populated areas and higher transmit scales.


Adds block height to diagnostic report without opening it as an email

Now users can view their Hotspot's block height directly in the report without opening it as an email.

Bug Fixes

  • Checks gain/elevation for assert location transactions
  • Displays pending transactions immediately after submitting (regression)
  • Validates address after QR scan (regression)
  • Fixes assert location screen collapsing when “reduce motion” setting is enabled in iOS

Maker Updates

  • Adds Midas Wireless
  • Updates MerryIOT antenna change
  • Allows makers to configure their own onboarding server


  • Upgrades and fixes bottom sheet dependencies