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App Version 3.8.5

· 2 min read


Updating Hotspot Antenna and Gain

Several users have noted that submitting the antenna and elevation was not working as expected.

Through testing, the team discovered that the keyboard's "Done" button can dismiss the entire screen erroneously letting users know they had submitted the transaction. Secondly, we found that users tended to enter a value for dbi first and couldn't because the app required a selection from the antenna dropdown first. We've changed this to allow input first, and defaulting the dropdown to "Custom Antenna".

  • When updating a Hotspot antenna, tapping the done button will close the keyboard, displaying an “Update Antenna” button to submit the transaction.
  • When updating a Hotspot antenna, tapping dbi field to enter a number will default the “Select Antenna” dropdown to “Custom”

New Account and Import Account UX changes

The seed words used to generate a private key on the Helium network is based in English (US). Certain words like "Ill" in camel case can look confusing and be interpreted differently. To help reduce unexpected mistakes, all seed words will be capitalized. We also updated the challenge to require the user to re-enter all 12 words instead of challenging 3 random words.

Maker Account Deeplinking and Transaction Signing

We've added support in the Helium app to sign transactions on behalf of Maker apps (or other apps) to reduce the amount of times a user will have to re-enter their seed phrase. This also ensures no private keys are leaked to apps unofficial to the Helium Network.

Adds Discovery Mode Maintenance Message

Adds clarification of when Discovery Mode will be coming back.

Bug Fix

  • Fixes a bug for newly added Hotspots when you tap on the name on the Home screen, and nothing happens
  • Updates Hotspot details caching to fetch latest from the API as it pertains to status and owner