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App Version 3.2.0

· One min read


Use Discovery Mode to understand your Hotspot’s coverage without waiting for Proof-of-Coverage/Beacons, or setting a location!

Your Hotspot acts as a device and sends out radio packets for a short period of time, and any Hotspots that heard the packet will respond.

How can you use Discovery Mode?

  • use it to compare antennas (is one better than the other?)
  • use it to test indoor or outdoor set ups
  • test if higher really is better (it is)
  • which side of the house sees more Hotspots?

Run Discovery Mode up to 5 times per day per Hotspot.

Note: Discovery Mode will not work on syncing Hotspots, offline Hotspots, and may not work on Relayed Hotspots. Discovery Mode is free to use until further notice.

Try it out today - update to app version 3.2.0 and make sure your Hotspot is running firmware 2021.05.12.0.

Other Bug fixes

Transfer Hotspot bug is now fixed where users were unable to tap on the button in the Transfer Hotspot notification.