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App Version 3.0.1

· 2 min read


New Features:

  1. See Hotspots around you
  • Tap on them to view their mining details and stats
  1. Show the time period when scrubbing charts on Hotspot Details

  2. Make addresses compatible on the Network selectable: either copy to clipboard or open in explorer

Bug Fixes

  • when the account balance ends in .000000, it showed undefined
  • activity lists consistently stayed loading for new accounts
  • Android: fix black screen after sending a payment transaction
  • update wallet activity when new blocks come in so pending transactions clear as expected
  • update caret spacing in notifications
  • Add support for Bobcat Miner 300
  • fix transfer hotspot nonce issue plus update pending transfer notification
  • Update hotspot filter list for offline hotspots and remember last selected option between app loads
  • Android: screenshots and screen recording re-enabled
  • Forget Wi-Fi when previously connected network is no longer discoverable
  • improve seed phrase legibility when accessibility options are enabled on users’ devices
  • Update error message when a Hotspot cannot be found on the Onboarding Server
  • improve UX of opening Hotspot Details (Expanded)

Upcoming in 3.0.2

  • Skip assert location in Onboarding Flow