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App Version 3.0.0

· 2 min read


After months of waiting, we’re so happy to announce the new version of the Helium Hotspot app is here! Version 3.0 introduces a whole new design and introduces a new way to interact with the app. Gone are the days of scrolling for hours toiling over challenges (we have Explorer for that!).

We go into a bit more detail in our blog here, and some background on why we decided to go this direction.

New Languages!

As part of the Network expansion into Asia, we now support Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Other languages coming soon.

New Makers!

The app now allows you to select new Hotspots like Nebra and Syncrobit. Get excited!

Download Now

Remember to write down your 12 words as a backup before upgrading! Reveal your words in the More menu > Reveal words. The new app is available for download on for iOS and Android today.

Known Issues

There are a few known issues that the team are working hard to fix and will deploy in the next few days.

  1. Adding a Hotspot to an account with 0 HNT gives an infinite loading Wallet screen (#284)
    • Workaround: Make sure you have >0 HNT balance in the wallet
  2. Sending your entire account balance (using Send Max) shows a black screen after sending (#285)
    • Workaround: close the app and reopen. The transaction will succeed.