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Console Functions and HTTP Downlink

· 2 min read

Key feature updates


We’ve added the ability to execute functions on Console, the first can be used to decode payloads. With the Decoder Function, users can can transform and/or parse a raw payload before it is posted to an endpoint, such that, for example, individual sensor values are reported rather than the base64 string. This transformation also applies to debug output, allowing it to be more human-readable.

When a Decoder Function is applied to the device via a Label, the Decoder Function code is executed on the payload sent by the device. The Decoder Function could be written using custom javascript code provided by the user or prebuilt code (currently Browan Object Locator and Cayenne LPP exist as pre-provided decoders).

Our decoder API is compatible with existing The Things Network decoders, which are already available for a wide array of devices.

HTTP integration has been extended to include the ability to asynchronously POST and enqueue a Downlink packet; previously, Downlink was only available in the HTTP Response to an Uplink POST. In addition, this features enables a Downlink to be enqueued for an entire group of devices that share the same label, allowing messages to be broadcasted easily.

Other updates/fixes

  • Home screen with shortcuts and links to resources can be accessed by the Home icon in the top right corner.
  • LoRaWAN Link Check commands are supported to validate network connectivity.
  • An issue with the Debug mode has been resolved.

Next up

We have a scheduled outage to make a number of network updates and switch from subband 7 to 2. In addition, we will deploy stronger account authentication.

On Tuesday, May 12 this planned outage will start at 8 am PDT / 11 am ET and last approximately one hour. During this time Console will be inaccessible.

Impact of planned update

Details about the switch from subband 7 and other network updates including the impact can be found here.