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Proof of Coverage v4 Beta Deploy

· One min read

On November 26 around 9:40 PM PDT we rolled out a new beta release.

This beta contains the new version of the proof of coverage implementation. A fuller explanation of the changes will be delivered in a subsequent blog post but the essence of the changes are:

  • Pathing is based on historical witnessing, not raw geography
  • Hotspots will not be challenged until they themselves have synced and begun to challenge
  • All hotspots will have the opportunity to be challenged
  • Proof of Coverage paths are now much, much faster to compute and verify, which should lower block times and avoid dropping PoC receipts that are too slow to verify


In additon the assume valid block was updated to block 119,972.

Deployment Plan

We plan to let this 2019.11.26 release beta overnight and deploy it to general availability sometime Wednesday. We plan to activate the new code next Monday, December 2nd after the Thanksgiving holiday in the US so we will have as many personnel as possible online to watch for issues during the activation.