Console Troubleshooting

Common issues

I just added my device in Console. Why am I not receiving data?

If you are having issues receiving data after adding a new device, the first thing to check is that the keys from the device (dev eui, app eui, app key) match exactly what is provided by the device; it is very common for app eui and dev eui in particular to be swapped You may also want to ensure that you are using the correct byte ordering or “endianness” this is often labeled as MSB (Most Significant Bit) and LSB (Least Significant Bit). Reversing byte order is a very common mistake when adding a new device to the network. You may also want to check that your device is a Class A device as we do not currently support Class B, or C devices.

How can I view Decoded Payloads?

To view a decoded payload using the Debug tool, you will need to first create a function. To access Debug mode, go to your device > and click on the little bug on the right hand side. The Decoder Function can be written using custom JavaScript code provided by the user or selected from prebuilt decoders (currently Browan Object Locator and Cayenne LPP). Once the function has been created it will need to be attached to a Label or Integration. This Label that attaches to the device must also be applied to the device. Please see complete Function documentation for more information.

How do I manage my Hotspots on Console?

Currently Hotspots can’t be managed or connected on Console. You will need to use the Helium Mobile app to manage your Hotspots.

What does it mean when my label is greyed out?

When a label looks greyed out, like the image below, this would indicate that it does not have a function attached to it.