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Migrating Devices to Helium

If you already have LoRaWAN devices deployed on another network, you can easily migrate them to the Helium Network. Typically this only involves adding your existing DevEUI, AppEUI, and AppKey to a new device in the Helium Console.

The following is a list of network-specific migration guides. Join us!

When Migrating Devices for the First Time

As network usage increases, a mechanism called the XOR filter allows the Console backend (router) to only process known traffic and avoid spending resources on unfamiliar packets, which significantly improves performance.

However, the first time a device joins the network its keys need to be added to the blockchain and the updated block propagated to the miners (Hotspots).

This initial join process could take up to 20 mins depending on:

  • when this transaction (batched with others) gets added to the blockchain
  • the overall performance of the blockchain

After the initial join takes place future rejoining of the same device will be much quicker.

More information about XOR filters here.

Migrating from The Things Network to Helium