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Full Hotspots

This page has not been fully updated to represent the latest state of the Helium Network following the migration to Solana on April 18, 2023.

Full Hotspots are Helium coverage providers that can participate in all potential reward activity available to Hotspots. Compared to a Data Only Hotspots, Full Hotspots are eligible for Proof-of-Coverage Rewards.

Full Hotspots may only be manufactured by approved Makers. These are hardware vendors that have been approved by the Helium community and the Helium Foundation. This process is governed via Helium Improvement Proposal 19 (HIP-19).

Approved Makers

Nova Labs (formerly known as Helium Systems, Inc) was the first Hotspot manufacturer. Starting in early 2019, they produced the first hardware capable of mining HNT and providing LoRaWAN wireless coverage. In total, Nova Labs produced and sold the first 13,000 Hotspots to the Helium community to seed the Network.

Since the introduction of HIP-19, additional approved Makers have been added. Each approved Maker is given a unique onboarding address on the Helium blockchain where they are required to burn data credits to onboard their unique Hotspots before they are granted access to the blockchain.

Maker NameHIP-19 ApplicationDate ApprovedOnboarding Maker Address
Helium Systems, Inc.N/ANA13daGGWvDQyTyHFDCPz8zDSVTWgPNNfJ4oh31Teec4TRWfjMx53
Nebra LtdNebra2020-12-1013Zni1he7KY9pUmkXMhEhTwfUpL9AcEV1m2UbbvFsrU9QPTMgE3
HeNet BV/LongAPHeNet BV/LongAP2021-03-1612zX4jgDGMbJgRwmCfRNGXBuphkQRqkUTcLzYHTQvd4Qgu8kiL4
Smart MimicSmart Mimic2021-03-2513MS2kZHU4h6wp3tExgoHdDFjBsb9HB9JBvcbK9XmfNyJ7jqzVv
E-sun Electronics/ PantherPantherX2021-09-2413v9iGhjvQUtVaZXcFFRCEbL1nPR4R8QJowBgMUcaGM2v1aV6mn

Becoming a Maker