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Helium Hotspot App

Sunsetting Features

Wallet-related functionality in the Helium Hotspot app has been migrated to the new Helium Wallet App.

Hotspot management of non Helium Branded Hotspots in the Helium Hotspot app has been migrated to the vendors created apps at Maker Apps.

Sunsetting the Helium App

Some users may know the Helium app as the "Helium Hotspot App" or "the blue app."

The existing Helium Hotspot app will be restricted to only the management of Original Helium Hotspots in two phases.

Phase 1:

ETA December 19, 2022

  • Hotspot App users will be migrated to use the Helium Wallet app for Helium Wallet management.
  • Users can no longer onboard new Hotspots using the Helium App. All new Hotspots will be directed to use the Hotspot's Maker app, web dashboard, or contact email support (in the event that a Maker app is not available).
Maker app Availability

All Makers had a deadline to launch their Maker app by March of 2022. Makers without an app or web dashboard either have an app in development or have not responded to requests for additional updates.

  • Hotspot management for existing Hotspots still available in the Hotspot App.
  • The transfer_hotspot and assert_location will use the Helium Wallet app for signatures.

Phase 2:

ETA January 2023

  • Hotspot management will be handled by Maker apps.
  • Original Helium Hotspots will be managed by the Helium App.
  • All remaining Wallet functionality will use the Helium Wallet app.
What If I Miss The Wallet Migration Deadline?

Users that do not transition to the Helium Wallet app prior to the Solana blockchain migration will still be able to access their seed phrase and transition to the Helium Wallet app but will not be able to submit transactions in the Helium app. Seed phrase export functionality will remain in the app for at least 1 year post blockchain migration.

Maker Apps

Makers will need to update their Maker Apps to use the new Solana transaction type to add Hotspots to the network, assert location, and transfer Hotspots.

The core team will make this update available to Makers in an SDK update weeks before the chain halt to allow Makers time to make the update, release the app to the app store, and available to Hotspot owners.

The minimum app version will change with each Maker - please check with them for exact details.

Maker Updates

Note that Makers that do not update their Maker apps will mean their customers will not be able to add new Hotspots to the network, transfer existing Hotspots, or assert locations.

What about Original Helium Hotspots?

Have an Original Helium "OG" Hotspot? Use the Helium Hotspot App Guide here.