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Legacy API and Explorer Shutdown

· 2 min read

The legacy Explorer (hosted at and the legacy API are set for retirement on July 28. The Solana-backed Helium Explorer hosted at will continue to serve the community for coverage maps and high-level network stats.

With Helium now operating on Solana, users can directly query Helium Network state from Solana, which is a more streamlined way to access up-to-date data related to Helium. Moreover, third-party block explorers such as Hotspotty, Moken, Relay, HeliumGeek, Dune Analytics, and others, have broadened the ecosystem of user interfaces delivering rich insights into Hotspots and the Helium Network.

The Helium Explorer will continue to operate at, providing a central hub for the Helium Coverage Map, network stats and third-party explorers. Oracle data continues to be served for public availability without change.

To accommodate the need for historical data, a CSV export of the Helium L1 data will be available on a requestor-pays basis on AWS in the foundation-helium-l1-archive-requester-pays bucket. In total this bucket is 1.4 TB. If demand is high, alternate delivery methods like IPFS or a torrent for this data can be explored to avoid AWS egress fees.

As part of our commitment to open-source learning, the Explorer codebase will remain accessible at

We thank you for your patience and support during this transition and look forward to the exciting opportunities these changes will bring to the Helium ecosystem.

Update Dec 11, 2023: A torrent for the legacy Helium L1 blockchain data is now available in the Blockchain API Solana Migration Guide.