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App Version 3.10.0

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Transfer Hotspot v2

A new way to transfer Hotspots is now available on the app. Now transferring Hotspots is as easy as sending a payment transaction. Hotspot sellers can initiate the transfer from Hotspot Settings, the same as before, but instead of waiting for the buyer to accept the transaction, the transfer is immediately submitted to the blockchain. Once cleared, the buyer will see the new Hotspot in their app. When the transfer is successful, both buyers and sellers will receive a notification.

Please note that Sellers now pay the transaction fee of ~55,000 DC.

Hotspots must have had Proof-of-Coverage activity (creating a challenge, beaconing, or witnessing) in the last 1200 blocks (approximately 20 hours) in order to be transferred.

Earnings Map Filter

Now available on the app, the earnings map filter introduced in Explorer in January can be found by tapping the Map Layers icon on a Hotspot details view. Other map filters include Transmit Scale, Witnessed Hotspots, and Coverage.

Hotspot Year to Date earnings

See how much your Hotspot has earned this year by going to a Hotspot and tapping YTD.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed an issue when the Maker app uses deeplinking to add a Hotspot to the network did not elicit the correct error message. Now we know to check if the Hotspot was already onboarded and surfaces a clearer error message to contact the Maker for next steps.

Maker Updates

  • Adds Dragino Hotspot


Removes HNTenna from available list of Antennas

Users should use the Custom Antenna dropdown to enter the dbi of custom antennas that did not come from approved HIP-19 Hotspots. All approved Maker antennas are still selectable from the dropdown based on name.