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Console Updates- ver. 1.9.55

· 3 min read

This release the team worked on addressing issues reported for Console 2.0 beta and also backend fixes to make joins and packet transfer more reliable.

A number of issues have impacted joins and uplinks over the past few weeks. Here’s a list of updates made to address these issues as well as upcoming fixes.

Hotspot syncing - an issue causing earlier versions of Hotspots to continually sync, which could have impacted packet delivery was fixed blog

State channels - increased the maximum number of open state channels to 10 (from 5) which helps Console backend (Router) serve more packets as the demand on using the network continues to increase. For more information about state channels and their role check here

Channel frequency list (CFlist)- this feature was enabled according to feedback from the community, however it was discovered to cause issues if device firmware did not closely adhere to the LoRaWAN spec. Based on community feedback we’ve included a toggle to enable it, but disabled it by default.

XOR filter - to help scale in an upcoming release we are updating the production Console/Router to use an xor filter. This will allow the backend to only process known traffic and avoid spending resources on unfamiliar packets. More information about xor filters here.

Features and fixes

  • Updates to Console 2.0 beta on staging server based on feedback.
    • Staging UI: Icons without text descriptions of their actions 647
    • Staging UI Tweeks: Device Name 677
  • Provided a new Label setting to enable CFList for supported devices US915 (default off).
  • Opening device detail in new tab has strange behavior 653
  • Provide a backend cache to help address late packets 343, 338

Open source users

  • New users should use the latest master version.

  • Existing users are highly recommended to quickly update Console/Router to the newest version which includes the latest blockchain core update to ensure smooth operations.

    • To update, check the newest instructions, rebuild, and restart. The database is not affected.
    • Libressl-dev has been swapped with openssl-dev in the Dockerfile dependencies list. This simply requires a rebuild.
    • If you experience issues running Console/Router locally, update Docker to the latest version and pick up the changes in docker-compose-local.yaml

Check the readme for specific upgrading instructions here.

Additional technical documentation here.


The team’s focus in the coming weeks (usual disclaimers apply):

  • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub pre-built Integration
  • Gateway monitoring
  • Support AS923 for Australia
  • Packet purchaser: integrate with ChirpStack LoRaWAN Network Server