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App Version 3.4.0

· One min read


New Features

3.4.0 Includes a small facelift to our Wallet and Hotspot tabs!

Hotspot Tab

  • We have introduced a new shortcut navigation menu that allows you to quickly swipe through all the Hotspots you own and follow

Wallet Tab

  • Updated UI layout on Wallet tab with new send and receive icons, easier QR code discoverability, and a filter for transaction types
  • If you’ve staked Validators, we now show the staked amount


  • Improve how we calculate a Hotspot’s sync status by using the last gossiped timestamp to API instead of gossiped block through the p2p network
  • Inform users that Discovery Mode results may be inconsistent
  • Update hexagon colors for accessibility

Bug Fixes

  • When asserting a location, check that the location actually changed
  • Fix a bug when scanning QR code for payments with varying formats
  • Fix a bug with the default email address when sharing from Diagnostic Reports

Known Issue

  • Hotspot Checklist > Sync Status is showing incorrect data. We’ll be fixing this in 3.4.1.