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App Version 3.3.0

· 2 min read


Hexagons on the Helium Network

We are introducing hexagons on the Helium network! We heard your feedback on how privacy is important to all Hotspots owners, and we completely agree. This new release will represent your Hotspot in a hexagon instead of a precise location.

With this, we also introduce map filters: your owned and followed Hotspots, witnesses, and transmit scale.

Read more on our blog: Link to dev docs:


Hotspot Onboarding list now has a filter function to quickly get to the Hotspot Maker you need.

Understand Scaling - tap on the Transmit Scale number to read our help guide.

Witness List

  • Instead of showing average witnesses (that refreshes too frequent to be useful in any context), we show a list of Hotspots that have witnessed your beacon based on proof-of-coverage receipts, over the last 5 days.


  • We updated the checklist to be more clear and fixed a few bugs while we’re at it


Add SenseCap Maker

Add support for QR Code Onboarding

Bug Fix:

Show DC unit for pending payments

Fix Wi-Fi showing as connected after disconnecting

Fix Relayed Hotspot logic to only show when there is no ip4 listen addresses

Fix Bluetooth Android crash when pressing scan 6 times in a row.