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App Version 3.1.3

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3.1.3 Improvements and Bug Fixes

Added Relayed Hotspot pill

Hotspots that are relayed through other Hotspots on the network may experience syncing or reduced mining rewards. We now surface that up to the user in the app.

Accessibility Support (Screen Reader)

We made an initial effort to support Screen Reader support. Further improvements will added in the future.

Retry Onboarding

Allows users to retry onboarding Hotspots if the field is null. This can happen if the Hotspot does not respond in time and sends null values instead of its onboarding key.

Fix Action Sheet Scrolling

Fixes an issue in the action sheet where scrolling was not supported and users were unable to access additional menu items.

Fixes assumptions for asserting location

Previous versions of assert_location uses nonce + 1 to increment transactions. Since assert_location_v2, we've seen the coordination between the blockchain and consensus group 'miss' which can cause transactions to fail because the nonce did not match. We implement a solution on the App and API side to use speculative nonce instead (what payment transactions also use). We expect this to fix failing assert location transactions.

Update to React Native 64