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Console Updates- Notifications, and additional packet purchases

· 2 min read

During the last sprint of 2020, the team delivered email notifications, the ability to pay for additional packets, and a number of backend updates. Configuration for email notifications and the ability to pay for additional packets has been added to Labels. This allows for flexibility over which devices trigger the notifications or receive additional packets.

Features, updates, and fixes

  • Email notifications for a number of conditions related to devices and integrations including when devices are deleted, Integrations updated or deleted.
  • The ability to pay for additional packets for redundancy and location triangulation purposes. Note: Even if you don't use the multiple packet purchase feature, there are certain conditions which the system will purchase multiple packets to help ensure successful packet transmission. These include: initial joining of the device (up to 5 packets), downlink (up to 3 packets), and for acknowledgements (up to 3 packets).
  • Increased accuracy for timestamp information sent to Integrations.
  • The link "More details about adding devices can be found here" has been fixed to point to the right doc url.


The team’s focus in the coming weeks (usual disclaimers apply):

  • API for packet purchase capability.
  • Additional work on notifications: notifications to cover more conditions, including a webhook to send notifications to dashboards.
  • Include support for LoRaWAN adaptive data rate (ADR).
  • Provide more information related to LoRaWAN commands in the Event log.
  • Release Console and its backend network server and blockchain components (Router) as open source.
  • Building foundation for a more visual-oriented interface for improved usability.