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Stabilization Firmware Release

· 2 min read

Recent increases in the size of the network have caused some scaling issues. When the network was smaller, we wrote some code without concern for scaling, pulling the entirety of various data structures off of disk and into memory for the duration of various operations. The code was simpler that way, but these in-memory structures have come to cause a lot of problems as the number of gateways has gotten larger.

The 2020.08.14.0 release includes incrementalized rewrites of all of the above mentioned places, which were causing OOM issues on some of our older Hotspot hardware when in the consensus group. It shouldn't change the behavior of the network other than to allow smoother block times.

Furthermore, we have also fixed a few more bottlenecks concerning state channel clients that should further increase the likelyhood of hotspots being able to transfer packets.

This release also bumps the blessed snapshot and contains some bugfixes for full nodes.



We will beta 2020.08.14.0 this afternoon PST and release it to GA on an accelerated schedule in hopes of stabilizing the chain.