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Forget WiFi Networks

· One min read

This 2020.07.24.0 release completes the "Forget Network" feature that will be added to an upcoming version of the Helium mobile app. We also fixed a couple bugs and added debugging to prepare for upcoming state channels V2 chain variable.

This release also updates miner to handle payerless assert location transactions and bumps the onboard blessed snapshot to block height 427681.



A 2020.07.24.0 release was deployed to the beta group on the morning of Friday July 24 at around 11:00AM PDT. A 2020.07.23.0 release candidate was deployed to the beta group the previous evening for overnight testing. After confirming that reasserting a Helium Hotspot's location works from the mobile app we expect to release 2020.07.24.0 to GA around 12:00PM PDT Friday