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App Version 1.7.0

· One min read


A new app version 1.7.0 is now available for iOS and Android

New Features

Hello Helium Community!

In this update, we added bundled reward transactions per epoch. This means for every epoch, all Hotspot rewards are batched as one, with specific details on how much HNT each Hotspot has earned (if you have more than one Hotspot). Tapping on the activity will show specifically what the Hotspot did to earn HNT (challenge, witness, PoC, etc).

In addition, we've added a filter on the Account page that lets you drill down to what you need to find. Pending transactions, payment transactions, and more.

Lastly, while not user-facing, we've updated the API routes to use the new API for account activity, including an update to display payment_v2 transactions.