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Console Stronger Authentication

· 2 min read

Key feature updates

Stronger Authentication

We’ve upgraded to a battle-tested authentication platform that provides the following key benefits allowing us to focus on delivering core Console features:

  • Take full advantage of best-in-class authentication features like their implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Leverage their platform to protect sensitive data like password hashes and removing it from our database
  • Benefit from additional features such as social authentication with Google (and other social providers in the future like GitHub)

LoRaWAN Network Upgrades

A number of backend network updates including the switch from sub-band 7 to 2 was completed this week.

Technical details about the upgrade and potential impact can be found here

Better user engagement

We value your feedback and want to improve direct communication with Console users. We’ve provided the ability to send notifications and receive feature requests or issues you may be experiencing.

Impact of planned update

After the authentication upgrade users can continue to use existing login credentials (email and password). However, users will need to enroll in two-factor authentication even if they were previously enrolled.

To enroll in two-factor authentication:

  • After you login to Console, at the top right click the user account icon and choose My Account.
  • Click Enroll in 2FA and follow the instructions.