Helium Docs

Welcome to the Helium Docs. Here you’ll find everything you’ll need to start building sensing applications on the Helium Platform. See the list below for common starting points or jump into chat.helium.com if you need some guidance.

The Helium API

Complete documentation for the Helium API is located here.

SDKs, CLIs, and Sample Code

Client Libraries

There are currently two officially-supported client libraries for use with the Helium API:

Java, Node.js, iOS, and others are on the way.

The Helium CLI

Helium Commander, our fully-supported CLI, let’s you access the Helium API and your sensor data from the command line.

Code Samples

The Helium api-examples repo has a growing list of code written by Helium to help you do things like build sample dashboards and stream your sensor data to services like Plotly for visualizations.

Buy Hardware

Head to the Helium Store if you need to get your hands on some hardware to start building.

Data Sheets

All of Helium’s Data Sheets are available here.

Commmunity and Support

There are various ways to get in touch with us and the growing community:

  • Join us at chat.helium.com if you’re looking for help getting started and want to talk with Helium Engineering and members of the community in real time.
  • Email hello@helium.com for any and all questions about Helium.
  • You can always reach us on Twitter as @helium.