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RAK Hotspot Setup

RAK Hotspot Miner was the first third-party Hotspot on The People's Network.

This RAK Hotspot Miner is customized function exactly like a Helium Hotspot but with a different look and feel. Everything else about a RAK Hotspot Miner from its earning capabilities, coverage creation, and more, are the same or very similar to a Helium Hotspot. To get started, make sure you have the Helium App downloaded to your mobile device. A minimum version of app version 2.5.0 is required for iOS (iOS version 13 and above) and Android (OS 8 and above).

Once you have the app downloaded and a wallet created, unbox the RAK Hotspot Miner and get ready!

  1. In the Helium App, go to Hotspots and press +.
  2. Select the RAK Hotspot Miner when asked what you'd like to add to the network.
  3. Continue the onboarding flow. Make sure you select a good place for the Hotspot so it has a clear view of the sky! Obstructions and hidden Hotspots drastically impede earnings and coverage.
  4. Plug in the RAK Hotspot Miner to power it on. A small red light will appear when it's powered on.
  5. Once powered on, the RAK Hotspot Miner will be discoverable for 5 (five) minutes. This is when you can pair with the Hotspot with your mobile app. It may take up to a minute for the RAK Hotspot Miner to completely boot up with Bluetooth. Note that there is no blue light from the RAK Hotspot Miner to indicate it's in pairing mode.
  6. The Hotspot Miner will appear in the list. Select the Hotspot to continue.
  7. Next you'll see an Add Hotspot screen. The cost to add a RAK Hotspot Miner is free. If this is not the case, please contact Add the Hotspot.
  8. Confirm Hotspot Location. The cost to set a location for a RAK Hotspot Miner is free for two locations. If you are not ready to set a location, you can do so later by pressing Skip for now. If you do not see fee-free location, please contact Press Continue.
  9. And that's it! The Hotspot is now being added to the Network. Because this is a blockchain, your Hotspot may take a few minutes to appear in the app.
  10. View and manage your Hotspot in the Hotspots tab of the mobile app.

Common Issues

Unable to scan Wi-Fi networks

Try moving the miner and yourself closer to the Wi-Fi router for initial synchronization. Using Ethernet for internet is another good option.

Asked to pay Data Credits (DC) to add a Hotspot

If this happens, it's best to leave the screen and come back to it in 5 minutes. The Hotspot Miner needs a few minutes to boot up and connect to the servers to check its authenticity. If this continues to happen, please reach out to Helium Support at