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Helium Hotspot App Overview

Sunsetting Features

Wallet-related functionality in the Helium Hotspot app will be sunsetted over the coming months. This functionality is moving to the new Helium Wallet App

The Helium Hotspot App focuses on people who want to send or receive HNT or manage Hotspots. Other activities, such as managing end-devices and OUIs (i.e. users of the network) are generally best suited for the command line wallet.

The Helium app (available for iOS and Android) includes everything you need to on-board and maintain your Hotspot and view its activity. With the app, which also is your Helium wallet, you're able to do things like:

  • Send and receive HNT and create Data Credits
  • Add your Hotspot to the network and set your location
  • Configure your Wi-Fi
  • View your Hotspot's activity
  • See where other Hotspots are located

Check out the latest app release notes


Hotspot Tab

The Hotspot tab shows your Hotspot(s). There's a location map, the Hotspots Settings section (gear icon), as well as a general health status (Online or Needs Attention). The settings provide access to updating the location and WiFi network, as well as running the Hotspots diagnostic report if needed.

Account Tab

The Account tab shows your wallet and account balance, Notifications, the Send and Receive options, and recent transactions.

Notifications Tab

This sections gives you a timeline view of all notifications relevant to your Hotspots and wallet transcations.

Settings Tab

In this section, you can configure your apps PIN settings, set the app Language, reveal the 12 security words (your private key) for your wallet, and view your current app version. There are also access to some help articles and the community Discord channel.