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Victor Trap V450 & V460

Self Provisioning Guide for Victor Connected Rodent Control Devices


If you need any help provisioning this sensor, please join the #console channel on the Helium Discord Server.


VLINK Start-Up Guide

Device Manual

Add device in Console

To start, you'll need to create a Helium Console account and add your device. You should have been provided with a DevEUI, AppEUI, and AppKey from your seller, which are needed to add the device. Follow our quick start for instructions.

Once you have added your device to Console, you'll next need to create an integration to send your device data to Victor VLINK.

1. Create HTTP Integration

To start, we'll create a new HTTP integration in Console. Click the plus icon in the lower right corner of your Console window and select Add Integration.

Next, select the HTTP integration icon.

Next we'll fill in the details, see instructions and image below.

  1. Enter the VLINK Endpoint URL:
  2. Enter the HTTP Header - Key: x-api-key and Value: peKuqRvLce7CuqUE0EkR1aE9bt0Hy3nJnYSh7yM3
  3. Enter the name for this Integration: VLINK Integration
  4. Finally, click Add Integration to complete.

2. Attach Integration to Device with Flows

Next we'll attach the VLINK Integration to the device. Navigate to your Flows page with the navigator on the left. Next, click the plus icon next to nodes at the top. Here you will first drag your device out on to the flows space and then your new VLINK Integration. To attach the two, click the small circle on the right of the device node and then click the small circle on the left of the integration node. Finally, click save at the very bottom to implement your flow.


You will need a VLINK account to finish the onboarding steps above. You should have received these account details when you purchased the device.

You are now ready to add your device to VLINK and power on your device in range of a Hotspot. See VLINK onboarding instructions here.


What does ErrorCode in the Event Log mean?

  • ErrorCode: 0 = Lid Closed
  • ErrorCode: 1 = Lid is Open

What sequence of messages should I expect (in Console)?

  1. Series of 10-15 messages - These include network join, power up status, other status messages
  2. Then 5 messages 10 minutes apart
  3. Then a status message every 23 hours

In the event log you will see "Trap Powered Up" and a series of "Trap Status" logs.

What are the button presses?

If unit is off:

  • Pressing the button will turn it on and initialize the unit

If unit is on:

  • 1 quick button press will send a status message
  • 1 Long button press will turn the unit off