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Wisblock Starter Kit Rak4631

Wisblock Starter Kit RAK4631

The RAK4631 WisBlock Started Kit delivers a powerful Nordic nRF52840 MCU with Bluetooth 5 paired to the latest LoRa® transceivers from Semtech, the SX126x series.


Here you will find one or more sample PlatformIO embedded projects designed to transmit LoRaWAN packets using a RAK Wireless WisBlock Starter Kit. The starter kit is just that, a base developer board that can have multiple combinations of expansion boards added to it. The full WisBlock offering can be seen here.


WisBlock Product Page WisBlock Documentation US Retailer - Parley Labs

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  • width: 30 mm
  • length: 60 mm


  • 35 grams


  • type: Li-Ion / Li-Po, 1024 mAh minimum capacity, JST connector
  • replaceable: True