Mappers API


The Mappers API is a set of HTTP requests used for submitting data to the Mappers project. Data submitted is viewable on and updated every six hours starting at 04:20 UTC.


There is currently no authentication required.


Submit geo tagged device uplink.

Content-Type: application/json
Requests are intended to be sent from an HTTP integration within Console. Metadata from the standard JSON message is used in addition to the required fields detailed below.

All required fields can be located at any level within the decodedJSON field.
All of the following fields are required latitude, longitude, altitude.
One or more of the following are required accuracy, hdop, sats.

Body Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription
latitude (required)numberDevice Latitude Value
longitude (required)numberDevice Longitude Value
altitude (required)numberDevice Altitude Value
accuracy (one or more)numberDevice GPS Accuracy Value
sats (one or more)numberDevice Visible Satellites Value (1-16)
hdop (one or more)numberDevice HDOP Value (1-10)