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Multiple Packets

By default, Data Credits are only charged for uplinks. The Multiple Packets feature provides the ability to pay for additional packets for redundancy and location triangulation purposes.

To learn more about enabling Multiple Packets, check out our Tips and Tricks video here.

Note: Regardless of the Multiple Packet feature setting, under certain conditions the system purchases multiple packets to help ensure successful packet transmission (these cost additional Data Credits and happen automatically). These include: initial joining of the device (up to five packets) and downlinks that contain data payloads (up to three packets). These additional packets help ensure connection reliability to downlink via the Hotspot with the strongest connection.

Configuring Multiple Packets

Configuring multiple packets for a device a group of devices involved two main steps:

  1. Set up the multiple packet configuration.
  • Select Multiple Packets on the side menu.

  • Click the Add + icon.

  • Enter a name and choose the desired number of packets.

  • Click Create Multiple Packet Config

  1. Apply the Multiple Packet configuration to a device or group of devices.
  • On the Flows Workspace, choose a Device/Label node and select the Inspector tab.
  • Select Packets and choose the configuration to apply.